Western Wind Farm

Contact: Wesley Procunier
Address: 1871 Ohio Valley West Antigonish, NS, B2G2K8
Phone: 902-863-2558

About Us

Operating on 60+ acres of mixed farm land in the Ohio Valley, we raise Grass Fed Beef, Lamb , Pastured Pork, and Free Range Eggs. Our farm believes in letting the animals decide where they want to spend their days. Whether its rooting up old ground, grazing on grass, scratching for bugs or just laying under a tree for a rest. We also raise up to 200 pastured meat chickens for our family and friends. The farm also includes a small scale chicken processing abattoir for household consumption, operating from mid June to mid December. Our farm consists of a herd of 15 cows, 6 cow calf pairs and some feeders. We also raise our own piglets, and have 3 sows that produce 2 litters of piglets each year. Besides cows and pigs, our chicken coop hosts a flock of 50-100 laying hens depending on the time of year, all of which have year round access to the entire farm. In the late summer months our "No Spray" wild blueberry fields are alive with bees and have the most delicious blueberries you have tasted. After growing up on a farm in BC, I moved to Nova Scotia 10 years ago to get away from the crowds and now am raising my family here and providing good food for my friends, neighbors and community .


We believe in fresh air, access to dirt, trees, bugs and normal animal behavior. Although our hens are free range they are still fed a diet of commercial laying feed and whole grains, this helps them to maintain the proper levels of vitamins, minerals and proteins their body needs to continue to produce. Our pigs are also supplemented grains and whenever possible compost or excess fruits and vegetables. The cows are grass fed throughout the growing season and in winter months fed hay from local fields. No steroids, hormones or antibiotics are used in the growth or maintenance of our animals. All animals are loved and cared for from birth to death, and processed at a licensed provincially inspected facility.

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