Merigomish Market Garden
52 Shady Lane PO Box 79 Merigomish, NS, B0K1G0 902-926-2116 0 average rating (0 reviews)

We have 2 acres of riverfront property in Merigomish, where we live and grow fruits and vegetables for our table and select farmers' markets. We are primarily known for our artisan bread, cinnamon rolls, preserves and Christmas goodies. We may offer asparagus, garlic, dried cherry tomatoes, squash and Genovese basil for making pesto in season. We also propagate Jade plants and other house plants.


We don't use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the garden. We use Strong Bakers Untreated white flour in most of our baked goods with additions of whole wheat, wheat bran, flax, oats and cornmeal, We use real butter and sugars and natural sweeteners like honey maple syrup, applesauce and molasses.

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