Martin's Fine Bakery
91 Fiddlehead Road, R.R.#2, Big Harbour Island, NS, B0E 2Y0 902-756-3268 0 average rating (0 reviews)

Martin’s Fine Bakery uses only organic flour and natural ingredients for its baked products. Most of our artisan bread is made with rye, spelt or wheat sourdough, which makes it easy to digest and positively affects the overall health of the human body. Pastry Chef Martin is well known for his delicious creation of Tortes, Cakes and Desserts. They are composed just to the right taste, mostly not much sugar needed. We are offering lunch choices created in our certified kitchen. Organic fair-trade fresh brewed coffee, coffee-based drinks – Espresso, Cappuccino- and more, and freshly brewed tea, are available.

Contact: Martin and Gabriele Baumann

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