Knoydart Farm
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We are a family-operated Dairy Farm. In 2007 we became Certified Organic, and in 2011 we started to produce Cheddar Cheese; by 2020, we were ready to produce our Milk Line – pasteurized, non-homogenized whole milk and cream from our cows.

Following Certified Organic Practices, the Dairy Herd of Holstein, Jersey, Dairy Shorthorn and Brown Swiss cows grazing pasture each day when the weather permits.
The Farm is a family-run operation.

A proportion of the milk produced is processed three days per week into cheese, happening in the On-Farm Federally Inspected Processing Facility. The cheese is sold under the brand name of Knoydart Farm, with the products ranging from Fresh Curds to various cheese with herbs, spices and fruits added to Aged Cheddar.


The diet is supplemented with Certified Organic Hull Less Oats from Alpha Mills on Prince Edward Island.

No Inorganic Fertiliser, Pesticides, Insecticides or Herbicides are used on the land or growing crops.

No antibiotics or Fertility Hormones are used on the cows.


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