Crossroads Valley Farm
1510 Ohio East Road, Crossroads Ohio, NS B2G 2K8 902-318-4606

Crossroads Valley Farm is a family farm operated by Mike & Tricia Ward, along with our daughters Sadie & Fiona. We are located in the beautiful Ohio River valley south of Antigonish, NS. Local community and good food is what it is all about. “Community starts at the kitchen table“, and amazing tasting, ethically raised food is our passion.

The Ruffled Feathers Pastured Poultry brand of chicken was formed to help bring together other local poultry producers under a brand our customers can trust. Our goal is to provide "Darn Good” poultry, such as:
- Free-range, pasture raised broiler chickens
- Farm fresh, free-range eggs
- Free-range, pasture raised turkeys

Forest Raised Pork
Around the outside of our pasture we have over 100 wild apple trees and what better place to raise the forest, where they want to be. Like everything on our farm, are pigs are portable. Our pigs are moved throughout our forest to give the pigs lots of grubs, roots, and apples to eat.

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