Brook Ridge Farm
Brierly Brook, Nova Scotia (902) 318-3989

Located just west of Antigonish town, Brook Ridge Farm has been operating since 1998. We raise market lambs and are a shipping member of Northumberland Lamb Co-operative, a Colchester County-based Federally Inspected abattoir. We also raise breeding and replacement stock. Our farm is 200 acres in size and is protected by two livestock guardian dogs, Luca and Sophie. Besides the sheep, we enjoy our horses, donkey, cats, house dogs, hens, guinea fowl and rabbits! Open to visitors by appointment, call anytime!


Brook Ridge Farm is the first in Canada to be certified under the Canadian Verified Sheep Program. The CVSP standards have been set on animal husbandry, Humane Practices and Bio-security. Although not mandatory, we here at Brook Ridge Farm were happy to lead in showing that meeting and exceeding these standards is how we farm each and every day.


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