In order to be considered for the Market, a completed application (found below) must be submitted. Photos are required for items other than primary products. Applications are reviewed based on the current needs and balance of the Market. Please note that as a registered Farmers’ Market, primary producers are given priority, followed by food producers.

You will be notified upon acceptance. Please allow 7 – 10 days for approval. If you are accepted, it does not necessarily mean we can meet all of your scheduling requests though we try our best.

By applying you agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Antigonish Farmers’ Market.

Name & Contact Details

Producer Category: Primary Producer - I harvest / cultivate my products (Gardener, Farmer)Secondary Producer - I create my products from scratch (Baker, Woodworker)Unsure or Other

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Attendance & Table Preference

Electrical fees (per week) can be found on the Vendor Information page.

Do you require electricity?

When do you plan to attend the market?
Full Season (May 6th - Dec 16th) 33 weeksSpecific Dates

Please select the specific dates that you wish to attend the 2017 Market.

May6th13th20th27th June3rd10th17th24th July1st8th15th22nd29th August5th12th19th26th
September2nd9th16th23rd30th October7th14th21st28th November4th11th18th25th December2nd9th16th

Number of tables requested

Desired table location

Do you need a receipt for your table and electrical fees?


You must make, bake, or grow no less then 75% of your product offerings. You are allowed to carry a maximum of 25% of other products.

All vendors must comply with Federal, Provincial and Municipal Regulations, if applicable.

Have you attached a copy of your licenses and permits?

Please give a detailed description of products that you plan to sell at the AFM that are of your own production. What makes your product unique?

Please provide a detailed list of any products that you are not producing yourself that you would like to sell at the market to be considered for approval. Indicate the product and the source. (See Section 4- Vendors & Products, 4.1, in the AFMA Rules and Regulations) You must receive approval from the Market Manager to do this.

Please indicate the percentage of product you will be selling in the following Product Categories:

Fish / Meat / Poultry / Eggs

Garden Produce (Veg, Fruit, Herbs, etc)

Dairy / Cheese

Maple / Honey

Bread / Baked Products

Wine / Spirits

Prepared Food for Take-Home

Prepared Single-Serving Food / Beverage for On-Site Consumption

Art / Craft

Health / Body / Cosmetics


Vending Agreement

It is the responsibility of you, the vendor, to keep your contact and product information current. It is the responsibility of you, the vendor, to obtain the proper permits, if required, to sell your products at the market. Copies of newsletters handed out at the AFM will also be emailed, posted on the AFMA website and can be obtained from the Market Manager. Only vendors from the previous season will be notified of the Annual General Meeting for the Antigonish Farmers' Market.

I, the undersigned, have received and read the most current "Antigonish Farmers' Market Rules and Regulations" and "NS Dept. of Agriculture's Guidelines for Public Markets" (found on our website) I agree to comply with these Rules And Regulations and Guidelines, knowing that I forfeit my right to vending at the Antigonish Farmers' Market if I am found to be in non-compliance with the Rules and Regulations and/or Public Market Guidelines. I have attached the necessary required documents.

I have read and agree to the Antigonish Farmers' Market Rules and Regulations