We can’t thank Antigonish Farmers’ Mutual Insurance enough, not only for their generous donation, but also for the weekly use of their boardroom and the many words of encouragement & leadership shown by their Board of Directors, management and staff.

The Antigonish Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company was formed in 1910 by a group of farmers who banded together for a common purpose, to create an insurance company to serve their needs and benefit the community as a whole.

This is not unlike what the members of the Antigonish Farmers Market Association are doing here today. They have worked very hard over the past number of years to bring the project of a new Farmers Market Building to fruition for the benefit of the vendors, many of whom are farmers, the consumers who shop at the market and the community as a whole.

As a company, the Antigonish Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company Board, management and staff have had a long association with the Antigonish Farmers Market. We have been vendors at the Market, shoppers at the Market and loyal promoters of the Market and its objectives.

New Building Name - AFMA

We, as a company, believe very strongly in this project. Accordingly, our Board has approved a donation of $200,000 towards the construction of the new building. It gives us great pleasure to be the lead private sponsor of the new Farmers Market Building. It provides us with the opportunity to lend support to the farmers and community who have supported our Company for so many years. This is the largest single donation in our company’s history, which speaks to our belief in the importance of this project.

At a time when we continue to lose so many of our young people to greener pastures, we are thrilled to see the number of young farmers involved in Antigonish Farmers Market. They are ambitious, innovative and connected. As a community we need you and as a company we are happy to support you with our donation of $200,000 towards your new home.

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