Forms, Information, and Links

Forms, Information, and Links

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This page contains information for current and prospective vendors at the Antigonish Farmers Market. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to stop by and visit us every Saturday from May to December, or direct your questions to the Market Manager.


Due to ongoing issues with a lack of available and readily accessible parking for our customer due to some vendors unintentionally leaving their vehicles parked in customer parking, we are requiring that vendors provide the license plate number of their primary Market vehicle so we can ensure that customers always have access to parking.


Vendor Fees

Note: To be eligible for membership you must have attended a minimum of 16 markets in the previous season, all other vendors are considered casual. Table fees now include GST. 

Location For Members Casual Vendors
Wall $30.00 $35.00
Center $25.00 $30.00
Outdoors $25.00 $30.00


Electrical Fees are in addition to Table Fees each week and are listed below:

  • Lamps ($2.00)
  • Cooking Appliance ($3.00)
  • Water Heater ($5.00)
  • Fridge/Freezer ($5.00, plus $5.00 through the week)
  • Cluster ($10.00)

Vendor Application Forms 2019

Below are the online application forms for the Antigonish Farmers Market and to be used by returning and new vendors alike.

Mandatory Information For Food Vendors

Prepared Food Vendors are required to apply for a permit to sell prepared foods at a public market. You can find the application here:

Note: as per section 6.5 of the 2017 AFM Rules & Regulations:

All food vendors whether you are selling schedule A or B foods must comply with the labeling requirements of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency document, Guide to Food Labeling and Advertising. If you have any questions please contact our local Public Health Officer, Kyle Lambert, Port Hawkesbury at 902-631-0854


Guidelines and Applications for Public Markets

  • Guidelines and Applications for Public Markets – forms: link
  • Guidelines and Applications for Public Markets – guide: link (pdf)
Changes to the NS Public Market Guidelines (Fall 2015)

In September of 2015, a few changes were made to the Nova Scotia Public Market Guidelines. Vendors need to be aware of these changes.

  1. References in the guidelines to the NS Dept. of Agriculture have been removed and replaced with Environmental Health and Food Safety Division, NS Environment. As of July 2015, Food Safety is housed within the NS Dept of Environment – not the NS Dept of Agriculture.
  2. Three or more vendors constitutes a Public Market and these vendors can be food and/or craft vendors. Thus, a gathering of 3 or more vendors requires a Public Market Permit and those vendors selling food require either a Schedule A or Schedule B Permit. (See #4 and #5.)
  3. There have been changes regarding meat labeling and associated documents – specifically, see pg. 6, #8 and pg. 9, #10 of the updated Public Market Guidelines.
  4. Whole, uncut fruits and vegetables are now exempt from Schedule B Permits. This means that vendors selling ONLY whole, uncut fruits and vegetables do NOT need to complete a Schedule B Permit.
  5. There is a new public market application form. The new form includes both Schedule A & Schedule B vendors meaning that ALL food vendors attending the market MUST completed the application, either as a Schedule A or Schedule B vendor – except for vendors selling ONLY whole, uncut fruits and vegetables.

If you have any questions, contact Kyle Lambert, Public Health Officer, Port Hawkesbury at 902-631-0854.

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