Lochaber Growers Cooperative Ltd.

Quinn Farm – John and Bonnie Quinn, Homi Garden – Gyungbo Noh Fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, dehydrated herbs and tomatoes, Eggs. Email lochabergrowers@gmail.com Phone 902-783-2834 Facebook – lochabergrowers Website- www.lochabergrowers.com...

Merigomish Market Gardens

Linda Jackson Fresh Asparagus, Garlic & Herbs, Homemade Bread, Cinnamon Buns,  Preserves, & Fresh Baked Sticky Buns Merigomish 902-926-2116 lnjackson@tncweb.ca Facebook

Murray Family Farm

Wallace Murray Fresh Cranberries (in season) Lower barney’s River wallacemurray@hotmail.com 902-926-2080 Find us on Facebook

Overmars Garden

Michael Overmars Fresh Produce, & Herbs Antigonish Landing michaelovermars@gmail.com 902-870-5084 Facebook

Ruffled Feathers Pastured Poultry

Mike & Tricia Ward Pastured Chicken, Eggs, Turkeys, Forest Mushrooms, & Specialty Vegetables East Ohio 902-318-4606 crossroadsvalleyfarm@gmail.com www.crossroadsvalleyfarm.com

Seabright Gardens

Will Frankland and Susie Murphy Fresh Produce, Transplants,Teas & Festive Decorations seabrightgardens@gmail.com 902-318-4854 Facebook